Principal's Message


Mrs. Tinna Croy, K-4 Principal Welcome to Brookfield Elementary!! Our district's mission statement is Teach, Learn, Grow...Everyday!

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!!! "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela Elementary school years are vital to a child's development. We pride our school in placing students first. Our teachers and staff are data-driven which means that we meet both weekly and monthly to
assess student growth. Data drives instruction and at Brookfield Elementary collaboration is ongoing. Our staff researches best instructional practices to ensure the best quality educational environment. We are dedicated to providing quality education and strive to make personal connections with our students to be successful throughout their school years as well as become  productive citizens in our society.
Our reading rewards program recognizes student achievement during quarterly assemblies. We celebrate perfect attendance each month.

Our school is one-to-one in technology. This opens so many
avenues for our students. We
use an online instructional in ELA, Math, Writing, Test Prep, Science and Social Studies. Teachers identify struggling students quickly and work on closing the learning gaps to ensure on grade-level status. The quicker they fill the learning gaps, the quicker they are learning on grade level. Education is a shared responsibility of all stakeholders including the student, teacher, family and community. We encourage parents to stay involved in their child's education. Communication is a vital key to this success. A child's growth and development is our #1 goal!