Principal's Message

Exciting things are happening at Brookfield Elementary!  Last week was Grandparent's Day and what a week it was!  Thank you, thank you, to all of the grandmas and grandpas that came to spend time with their grandchild!  The students always love having their family at school.  I want to thank the teachers for taking the photos of the students.   And Candice Bagley, our computer teacher, for putting together the videos that we showed each day.  What a treat for the students and grandparents!!!
This week our nutrition units begin.  Each year a consultant from the University of Columbia contacts the school for interest in educating students about nutrition and healthy eating.  We are very fortunate to have this program that teaches students about different food groups.  A HUGE thank you to the Brookfield PTO for donating $250 to cover the snacks for this program so that students can try different healthy foods.  
This week is also our K-8 Health Fair.  Nurse Teresa Doss works hard to offer many different screenings to our young people.  This is a very busy day!  Please stay tuned for your child's screening results next week.  
Mid-quarter is this Friday!  Wow.  Time flies when you are having fun!  Right? Remember this is just mid-quarter but keep in contact with your child's teacher if you have any concerns.  At BES, we are transforming our letter grade cards to standard-based grade cards. This means that instead of your child earning an A or B, they will have a list of standards within each subject that they are learning for that quarter and beside those the teachers will rate the learning on a scale using data from student work.    Your child's teacher will be explaining these standards to you throughout the year.  We are going to start this year with standards based grades in the subjects of science and social studies.  

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