Principal's Message


Pk-4 Principal, Mrs. Tinna Croy

Good day to you! As the school year continues, the content difficulty increases. Please continue to work with your child at home. Please don't wait for these two opportunities of Parent Teacher conferences to open the communication with your child's teacher. We have all heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." This applies to all aspects of a child's life. Education is a big part of that life and we are here to help you. Please take advantage of the resources that we offer. We want what is best for all of our children. Keep those lines of communication open whether it be a note in the planner, an email, a phone call or a visit. Reading is one of the best strategies a parent can do at home to assist their child in school. Not only are you putting text in front of them but you are also modeling what a reader does. If you stumble over a word, go back and reread it. If something was funny or sad, express that emotion. Children love to interact with adults and books are a great way to build their confidence in themselves. Reading together creates a bond!! Just 20 minutes a night can make a huge impact on your child's education.

  • According to our elementary handbook, fast food for lunch is discouraged.  Our district wellness policy only gives allowance for our Halloween and Valentine parties.  So please save the picnics for after school and the weekends.

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